Accelerated Training Program
Preparation for Pointe - Beginning Pointe Technique
NEW offering for the 2016 season! This accelerated program for students who are serious about going on pointe has proven successful for many of our past and current pointe dancers. In fact, some of our best dancers have taken advantage of this class. Only strong pointe dancers can pursue solo status and lead roles at our studio.
This is a one hour technique class to be used as a student's THIRD weekly ballet class. This additional class will further help dancers become strong enough and technically prepared for pointe at an accelerated pace. This class will concentrate on exercises to develop foot and ankle strength needed for pointe work. Depending on the individual student's progress, they may be promoted to pointe this dance season
This class will not perform a dance in our end of year performance so we can get the maximum benefit from the class.
Instructor recommendation required to register for this class
No costume fee for this class
Attire for this class:
Black leotard (any style), pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, hair secured in a bun, Threa-Band for exercises at home and studio