Words from our dance family
"I love that my daughter will have started with Ms. Lisa at age 4, which she is now almost 10, and will continue until she goes to college. This is her dream as well as mine. Ms. Lisa will help her grow into a beautiful dancer, year after year just like several of her dancers in the past."
- Cathy Gephart, parent of 1 dancer 2010-present
"As long as I live, I'll never forget the time I spent in that dance studio or the joy this place brought me. Every moment was a gift. There were times when I was frustrated with learning my dances, scared of how the performance would turn about, or pained by the stabbing feeling coming from my toes in pointe shoes, but even in these moments the warm, comforting, and loving atmosphere made everything worthwhile. I've had so many laughs in that studio and I know I'll cherish those memories forever. "
- Lindsay Martin, Student at Dance Express for 12 years
""My daughters danced with Dance Express for 14 years. The spring recitals were the highlight of the year, providing my daughters an opportunity not only to be part of a full scale production, but also experience performing live in a beautiful theater. The memories, photographs, and videos of these productions will stay with them their entire lives."
- Anne Martin, parent of 2 dancers (1999-2013)
"Obviously the culmination of all the hard work of the students is evident in the end of year performance. My husband and I absolutely love seeing the girls on stage in their costumes and are continually amazed at their development each year. My girls love their teacher so much and look forward to class each week!"
- Melanie Moreschi, parent of 2 dancers 2014-present
"I wasn't sure if a small studio would provide the same opportunities as a larger one. I found my daughters' did not share this concern, and instead, they liked the personalized instruction of a smaller studio. They felt they were able to participate in other activities while continuing to take classes at the studio."
- Karenann Gabello, mother of four dancers 2003 - present
"In addition to the great dance instruction, it is great for building confidence in the kids. The performance, doing it on a "real stage" with full make up and costumes is a thrill, but also a fantastic learning experience."
- Father of dancer